Our division celebrates all Straight 8 Buicks with a special emphasis on the Buick's manufactured in 1936, 1937 and 1938. We are dedicated to preservation and road-ability. We strongly encourage driving these cars. Ask a Buick driver and they will tell you about satisfaction. It is our belief t​hey are superior production vehicles of that era.  

Our primary goal is in keeping these cars on the road! We offer technical support to these vehicles for the benefit of our membership. Our staff includes experienced advisers volunteering their time to assist you personally. Each has vast experience with these specific automobiles and offer to share their knowledge free of charge to our members. The 36-38 Buick Club can assist with trouble shooting, maintenance repairs, locating parts suppliers, restoration services or help find a good home for your car when the time comes for transition in ownership. 

We welcome your interest and ask for your support. We encourage you to join with us and the Buick Club of America.  Help us maintain this rich heritage for future generations. It is our pleasure to assist you and your beloved Buick. 

Let us show you why "Buick's the Buy"!

As a service to the hobby, we are happy to now be able to provide a link to the archived issues of the Torque Tube, newsletter of the 1937-1938 Buick Club, the Predecessor to the 1936-1938 Buick Club. You will find them at the following link: Torque Tube Link

"At your service!"

Remember the famous motto..
"When better cars are built, Buick will build them"! 
At the time those words were more than a marketing campaign.

It is our desire to maintain the presence of these automobiles for future generations to enjoy. Their power, performance and styling stand out among the cars of this era. Our membership includes talented enthusiasts who volunteer their knowledge for the benefit of others sharing our interest. There is no charge to members for this valuable service. 

Each of these gentleman has experience maintaining and restoring our Buicks to peak original operating performance. They know well the benefits in owning and driving our cars and have experienced the challenges in supporting a vintage vehicle. 

They are dedicated to preserving our cars in road worthy condition. They offer our members direct guidance to best respond to your Buick's individual needs.  

It is our pleasure to be at your service!  Feel free to contact the webmaster at matthew.c.hinson@gmail.com.